Thailand – part 9 (of 9)

Our reason for the stopover was not to hang with the locals, but to ride the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi – an hour’s drive away from Dubai. What a treat. A whole theme park dedicated to cars, speed and all things Ferrari, all under one massive air conditioned roof. OK, so I thought it is going to be fast. Maybe like the Cobra and then some little bit more? I was not expecting to be issued with goggles and countless warnings to remove all loose items. The Formula Rossa ride tops out at 240km/h, just before you lose your conscience and your eardrums pop. There is a safety belt and a hydraulic bar keeping you in the car. YouTube “Ferrari World” and see for yourself what the ride does to your face and cheeks. The R500 entrance fee pp well spent. Turns out there are loads of other rides as well. We got kicked out of 2 kiddie rides we wanted to take as well. The staff looked somewhat familiar. What with names like Xola & Werner? We also saw one Eslie (Ashley). 80% of the staff is from SA – we asked. Soooooo, when you stumble upon a proud mother boasting about her child working for Ferrari, just smile and walk off knowing he is actually selling cool drinks in a theme park.

Thailand was great – the humidity is problematic, but luckily most things worthwhile visiting is soothingly air conditioned.

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Starbucks will be sadly missed.

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