Disney – part 4 (of 13)

Guests at WDW consume annually;

  • 75 million Cokes
  • 13 million bottles of water
  • 10 million hamburgers
  • 6 million hotdogs
  • 9 million pounds of french fries
  • 300 000 pounds of popcorn.

The bulk of the guests are Americans and they are large. No. Large or big-boned is what I am, and I felt thin!  Let me save a 1 000 words and show you …

part 4 01

I am not convinced that there was a Thyroid Conference held at WDW, during our stay.

part 4 02

The truly disabled were in specialised or motorised wheelchairs. During our 7 days, we saw less than 10 people who “qualified” (according to me) to ride a scooter. As for the rest: they can really benefit burning a few calories by walking. Over weight is not a disease. I have not heard yet of anyone catching the “fat virus”.

part 4 03

The most annoying encounters were getting onto buses. The scooter people had to be loaded first. Hydraulically the bus leans towards the pavement and a ramp extends outwards. The scooter heaves its passenger onto the bus, and their groupies (sometimes up to 8 people) enters with them. A miracle healing takes place inside the bus and the person musters enough energy to transfer to a seat without any help or assistance. The bus levels itself again and the ramp retracts. The back doors close and we are allowed to find whatever seats are left. There is only space for 2 scooters per bus, and they need to disembark last. You can easily loose 20 minutes if 2 scooters want to ‘hop’ on.

Disney is very discreet when it came to size. The cast members will direct qualifying people to rows that can accommodate them. At Universal Studios they took a different approach. There is a dummy seat outside the entrance to the ride, with a sign similar to this one:

part 4 04

The day starts with a calorie-fest and just goes off the chart from there. Check out the mother (in nightie!) harvesting soda fountain for her family.

I only did whale watching whenever I found a smoking section. Man, these Americans are screwed up. You can have another coke (even bottomless), but do not dare smoke outside a designated smoking section. It felt to me like such an achievement every time I found a place that I am legitimately allowed to smoke, that I sometimes rewarded myself with two.

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