Disney – part 6 (of 13)

As with the Magic Bands, Disney constantly keeps pushing innovation and incorporating new technologies into their parks, guest experiences and shows. The latest addition is a set of Mickey Ears, with LED lights. (Check out the various “glow with the show” youtube clips) When you switch it on, it leisurely toggles through a rainbow of colours, but when the show starts Disney takes control of your ears and let it “glow with the show”.

Sadly, despite Disney’s promotional efforts, it never got traction with the public. Average Angelique and slap bang middle class Mike never understood why they need to pay slightly more for LED Ears, nor the incredibly complicated but perfectly executed synchronisation of IT systems in the background. Naturally we bought it.

part 6 01

As mentioned earlier, the Magic Band with its RF tag, carries all your entrance tickets, reservations and general info. See below how effortless it is to enter a park;

Some of the corny jokes cast members told us:

  • Pirates and Pals: Where did Captain Hook buy his hook? From a 2nd hand shop.
  • Pirates and Pals: Why does Peter Pan fly? Because he can never land.
  • Tower of Terror (as the haunted elevator doors are about to close): ”Scream if you need anything”.
  • Jungle Cruise: Why does Santa Clause like the Amazon River? Because of all the rain, dear.
  • Jungle Cruise: Where does Santa Clause buy all his presents? From Amazon, of course.

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