Disney – part 7 (of 13)

OK, so you are in Disney right? They happen to have nowadays 14 princesses … so why not schedule a meal with them? Admittedly, there was an awkward pause from the call centre cast member when we made the bookings and we responded with “no” at the question “and how many princes and princesses will join you in the party?”. This is the happiest place on earth and we did not care if they will label us as sick twisted borderline pedophiles in the process … we wanted to chase the experience. We did Cinderella’s Royal Table at the Castle on our own, but later in the week the whole group of 8 (which did include 2 children (*phew*)) had a meal at the Royal Banquet in Epcot.

Can you name all the princesses?

There are 3 types of queens (/princesses):

  • Queen Regnant, female monarch, equivalent in rank to a king, who reigns in her own right. A living example would be Lizzy from England.
  • Queen Consort, the wife of a reigning king, like what Catherine will be one day, due to William.
  • Queen Regent, is the guardian of a child monarch, reigning temporarily in their stead. Depending on the timeline, Cersei Lannister (from Game of Thrones) would be an example.

Part of the deal is that they must engage with every table (children present or not) Trust me to ask them questions … most of them were pretty and dimwit – they just want to smile-and-wave and world peace and stuff. Cindy wanted to know if we are good dancers as she would love to see us at the ball. Yeah honey, with a bimbo voice like that, you are way too dainty for my taste. Aurora inquired about how many dragons we have slayed thus far for the day. Seriously, I am putting Green Peace onto you. I’ve asked Snow White that if she is here (with us) who is looking after the dwarfs? “They have been playing hide-and-seek all morning. Who knows where they are”. Great marriage material you are. I sense mothering instincts are high on your curriculum vitae?

Jasmine, however, was quick and sharp. Do you have airbags and safety belts on the carpet? “Oh, I do not know what ‘airbags’ are, but up there the clouds are soft and fluffy, we do have ‘safety tassels’”. My faith restored – one with brains!

You have to love Disney’s attention to detail. As we entered the Castle, we were asked to produce our invitation (as oppose to confirmation receipt) – remember this is a royal affair and attendance is strictly by invitation only). The food was really great as well. At $60 per person (excluding tip), this is also a good money spinner for Disney. You have to book and each seating is sold out months in advance.

Just quickly on the topic of attention to detail: Disney’s parks cater for the whole family. There are enough to keep children occupied. The adults can indulge in the crazy amount of detail to be found everywhere. At the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean rides are some flags and the pirate one has a bullet hole …

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