Disney – part 8 (of 13)

WDW operates on 4 rules (in order of importance):

  • safety
  • courtesy
  • show
  • efficiency

Never mind all the safety and warnings and paramedics on standby, or the sickly-sweet politeness of the cast members or the elaborate shows – this place is one well-oiled slick machine. We booked and attended ‘Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party’. Basically, the Magic Kingdom stays open until after 23:00 (even the rides!), there are snow (blown from the rooftops) with free hot chocolate and cookies whenever you see a giant candy cane. Disney loves putting up a show and if there are enough people, then it calls for a parade, so we witnessed also Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade. A very festive affair.

Now if this was South Africa, when you get to the spot, you would have found staff standing about chatting to each other with no hot chocolate in sight and no sense of urgency. You would have had to ask them about it and wait. Not here. They were prepped and the hot chocolate was made already (still piping hot) and neatly lined-up, alongside cookies already wrapped in a serviette.

This is what I call efficiency!

During the parade, they use a lot of confetti and fake snow and right after (actually, I think it is part of the parade procession), are these cute retro looking oversized vacuum cleaners to clear up the mess again.

part 8 01

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