Disney – part 12 (of 13)

Penny from TV’s The Big Bang Theory worked, in the earlier seasons, at the Cheesecake Factory. Thought it was a made-up name. Who knew?

I clearly do not get out enough. Vending machines as I know them, serves up snacks and beverages – not electronics. As seen at Orlando International.

part 12 03

They still work on GST (general sales tax). I prefer the VAT (value-added tax) system, as you are not surprised at checkout to the total value of your purhcases – took a bit to get used to. The way they advertise their discounting however, remains misleading.

part 12 04

Who-hoo, half-price sale, the sign says so! Nope. You buy the first item at full price and get 50% off the 2nd item. Then to top it off the discount is on the cheapest item. Remind me again, how is this is sale?

So did you really think you can escape Orlando, without Disney doing a last attempt at the airport to convince you to part with some more money?

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