Disney – part 13 (of 13)

Let’s wrap this up, some of the rides we have been on during this trip …

Curb-side check-in: By the time you enter the airport building, your luggage has been booked straight home and you have your boarding pass in hand. Clever. All things considered, really a great holiday! We could have bought a small car perhaps, but instead now we have 3 319 photos and 50 short movie clips to preserve our memories.

part 13 02

Places we visited, for the google mappers among you:

  • Animal Kingdom, WDW
  • Magic Kingdom, WDW
  • Epcot, WDW
  • Hollywood Studios, WDW
  • Universal Studios, Orlando
  • SeaWorld, Orlando … Kraken and Manta made it worthwhile.
  • City of Winter Park … adorably quaint atmosphere, a taxi ride from Orlando.
  • Busch Gardens, Tampa … Sheikra was particularly thrilling.
  • Sunset at Pier 60, Clearwater
  • Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral
  • Airboat ride, Middle of Nowhere (LOL)

As per always: Starbucks will be sadly missed.

part 13 01

Epilog ~
I’ve mentioned earlier, that at some point one thinks it is quite OK for a grown man to wear a Disney character t-shirt? Well, here is the problem. Back home, it is not that cool any more. I found someone that transformed 3 of my t-shirts to pillow cases … for the Magic to live one and in the process gave it a second life/purpose:

(my assistant was adamant to be in the photo)

part 13 20

LOL. Chances are those t-shirts were made in the East. Want to read about China?