China – part 8 (of 20)

Temple of Heaven (Beijing),  is a tranquil tree filled park with a ceremonial temple in the center.

part 8 04

The place is abuzz with a variety of things to do, as the government provides free organized group activities for the elderly.

If you are not in the mood for some physical activity, why not join the long corridor for your daily dose of gossip, knitting, or just a friendly round of rummy or dominoes?

For when your fridge magnet breaks?


Excellent solution for people with body issues.


All the tourist attractions as positively Asperger syndrome about lighters. It gets confiscated before every domestic flight and at some points of interest. Somewhere in history – allegedly – a protester covered himself with oil and set himself alight. Ever since they are confiscating it, in fear of a repeat incident. For me, this is just to stimulate sales at the exit.


Loads of foreign tourist end up, or are being directed to Silk Street. What a tourist trap. When you are in Beijing, try to avoid it, if being fleeced is not your thing. Listen, it is a great shopping mall, with loads of trinkets and pretty things, but haggle hard. The shop assistants smell your ignorance a mile off.


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