China – part 13 (of 20)

Forgive me for going there, but our hotel in Shanghai was really fancy. We were even spoiled for choice on the toilet! I did try out the electronics … I mean, when in Rome. Not effective. For starters, it requires some hip re-positioning in terms of angle. After the cleaning cycle, you are literally dripping wet and the dryer is simply increasing ground zero, not decreasing it. Call me old fashion, but I still believe some transactions require paperwork. The heated seat was a nice touch though.

part 13 01

Speaking of hygiene. A ‘western toilet’ in a public space is a rarity. The porcelain model with traction patches on either side of a hole, is still a top seller. There was a festive atmosphere in the air, every time one of the three females in our group found a western toilet with paper. Toilet paper and serviettes (in restaurants) are not necessarily a given. At one lunch, we even had to purchase serviettes separately.

Not entirely sure what is one offer here:

With apartment space at a premium, drying is definitely out of the window:

The Bund or Waitan is a waterfront area in central Shanghai:

part 13 06
part 13 07

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