China – part 14 (of 20)

Despite all the spitting (not just from males) and smoking, the cities we have visited had clean streets and pavements. The same cannot be reported for the second biggest nation on earth, as observed during our 2009 holiday in India.

part 14 01

We saw this type of scene plenty of times, with a variety of backdrops. In modern Chinese culture, the wedding pictures are taken a year before the big day. I suppose it is to give both parties sufficient time to reflect on their hideous over-the-top choice of outfits. It was a relief to learn that the dresses at least are rentals – what do you do with so much fabric in a small apartment afterwards?

Bicycle and scooter drivers employ many techniques to stay dry and warm.

Apparently Helen Keller is still alive and peddles eye wear in China! (post facelift of course).

part 14 16

It can be very pesky if you forgot to pack your umbrella and there is a sudden down pour – as luck have it, there is a vending machine to the rescue.

part 14 17

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