China – part 17 (of 20)

OK, so let’s see. We were in Hong Kong and we had a spare day. One thing led to another and before we realize, we were on this cute metro line with the Mickey windows …

part 17 02

Hong Kong Disneyland opened 12 September 2011 on reclaimed land, making it the second Disney-themed park in the East, after Tokyo Disney Resort (built 15 April 1983 as the first Disney park outside of the USA).

Disney’s attention to detail does not disappoint.

It is amazing how this company opens a theme park in a foreign culture and remains sensitive towards local customs. Throughout our holiday, when we went all out on shopping, we received a ‘gift with purchase’. Here it was no different. With so many cheerful opportunities to part with money (Disney is particularly good with this), we have managed to ‘gift with purchase’ about 4 times.

Staying with localization. When you order food, you get apart from a paper napkin, also a plastic glove to eat with.

part 17 14

Even aspiring Princess Anna (from Frozen) gets to have a lunch break.

part 17 15

A poster for afternoon tea. Come on! Find a good credit card and enter. It is 40 USD for two, but the cute factor is high.

Visiting this theme park, now poses a problem. It was an impulse decision and certainly not on the itinerary. Shall we bucket list to visit all the others around the globe too: I mean, what is 4 more line items on a long list anyway?

part 17 01

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