China – part 18 (of 20)

As we visited The Venetian Casino, on our day-trip out to Macau, these oriental hotties approached us for a photo opportunity. As a group, we encountered it a lot during our holiday – for a variety of reasons: from round eyes (genuinely!), to our height.

part 18 01

Macau is colloquially known as the ‘Las Vegas of the East’. Getting there from Hong Kong is really easy, as there are a few ferry options available. We used Turbojet. Naturally we paid slightly more to avoid crowded seating. We were unaware that our better seats came with some food. Completely unnecessary as it is only a 55 minute trip, but a nice touch.

China’s One Child Policy was introduced to stem population growth and had the following knock-on effect:

  •   unemployment is very low (no visible beggars)
  •   a nation of spoiled single children
  •  people are delaying getting married, as they fear having to support four parents later in life

With no real basic human rights protection, workers often endure long hours and a single day off every fortnight. The average remuneration is also not great. This is  a two-edged sword: in terms of humanity, their wages is problematic, but to the West’s ever craving for low manufacturing costs and high profit margins, this is no problem at all.

Chinese tour guides use a fluffy toy or flag on a stick in an attempt to maintain group control and general direction …

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