China – part 20 (of 20)

Below, our tour sequence and distances traveled:

part 20 01

Our time abroad (13 – 29 March 2015) yielded 4 439 pictures and numerous short video clips, along with priceless memories of the Orient and their unique peculiarities.

On our return flight, we had 102kg checked-in luggage (26kg below our allowance) and naturally, we had absolutely nothing to declare to customs upon arrival home 😉

If you plan visiting China, contact Odynovo Tours for a quote. Their private tour packages are really great. No, this is not a paid endorsement. The consultant we liaised with exclusively via email – Femando Shen – was absolutely professional throughout and very patient with us, as we picked their 5-city-package to pieces and made numerous changes to it. In fact, we enjoyed the complete experience (from planning to execution) so much, we used him again for our Vietnam/Cambodia holiday.

And … as per always: dearest beloved Starbucks will be sadly missed!


(Let me explain why every holiday ends with this sentence. We do not have a Starbucks in South Africa. Actually we do, up in Johannesburg, but not down here in Cape Town … if should they ever expand down into the country, my pessimistic predicts would be that it will not be as cool as the ones abroad 😉

Want to learn something interesting about our World Map?

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