Blice as in Blignaut + Vice … not Blice as in black ice.

For 5 days, most weeks, I hold down a corporate job. It is fairly textbook, with a corner office and basement parking, along with the usual trimmings complete with water cooler. I am really spoiled for having a great employer who knows how to forecast and navigate turbulent economic hurricanes. In return, I get on with my job and ensure my area of responsibility remains profitable.

BUT, I refuse that this defines me. I only sold a third of my soul. The remaining bits are somewhat of a kaleidoscope: self-taught Photoshopper, struggling youtube channel newbie (video editing might not be my thing), partner in a studio who developed a mobile game and digital stickers for the iOS and Android platforms and 2 online merch stores, plus I have this wild dream to become a certified drone pilot – although not high on my to-do list currently. This blog is about none of these.

A few years ago – suppose I was careless – I got bitten by the travel bug and ever since I am trying to find a cure. Unsuccessfully I might add.

Other people’s travel encounters follow one of two paths; it is either a death by Powerpoint “and then I ordered the cheese burger and she ordered the tuna salad”, or  everything is so bloody “marvelously awesome and beautiful and glorious and the best day ever”, that I can’t finish the paragraph as I keep on vomiting in my mouth. It is fake. Travel is not all glamour and selfies. There are boring bits and wrong choices in between.

For me, travel is about seeking out the differences, not celebrating the similarities. This blog is about infotainment. A little bit of information sharing and education, mixed with my take on reality and the way I observed it, along with a chuckle and a smile.

I have been writing about my travels since 2009 and the time has come to level up.

Initially I collected my thoughts and memories in a MS Word document, from there I moved on to PDF – which made emailing it, to those interested, easier.

By starting a blog in 2017, my efforts can live on digitally as opposed to in someone’s inbox. My aim is not to brag or be boastful but rather offer insightful infotainment, which hopefully you will find useful. (*wink*)

And for the doubters: No, I am not lucky to be able to experience all these foreign and exciting cultures, countries, tastes, sounds and sites. Travel = Plan + Budget + Execute. The formula is that simple.